Hot Jobs and Where the Jobs Are for 2012 and 2013 – Bill Golden’s View

by Bill Golden


The world of 2012 as I see it is one in which the job market, commercial or defense related, will be one of stability. Stability means virtually no growth, but neither does it mean there will be jobs losses.

Government employee at federal, state and local level will continue to decline and efforts made to renegotiate or to chip away at pay and benefits.

2013 will be a very different year, perhaps a very dark year across all industries in the USA.

2013 will not be a stable year. It will be economically rocky as hell.

The arrival of 2013 is when we must pay for political indecision and lack of will to either balance budgets and/or to cut programs — it doesn’t matter whether we are talking social programs, government size or defense budgets. No real hard decisions have been made by either of the major political parties during 2011 or 2012, only posturing. And if the truth be told: the average tax payer doesn’t want hard decisions made either unless it involves cutting some program that does not impact them directly.

Below are where I see the HOT JOBS and what the HOT JOBS will be.


Think surveillance society and any skillset that supports a 24/7 environment where we can track almost anyone doing anything anywhere in the world — to include here at home in the USA. Think Big Data and data capture.

Intelligence analysts, counterintelligence professionals, geospatial information specialists, link analysts and cyber professionals will thrive. Linguists are generally seen as commodities — make the money when you can but find a new career field as quickly as possible.

Logistics and Enterprise Systems

This is the future. The future is already here. We once proudly talked about internet time — the ability to change business practices every 90 days. That is too slow.

Smart logistics connected to enterprise systems that connect buyers and users to producers and service suppliers 24/7 will continue to allow us to do MUCH MORE with MUCH LESS. That also includes jobs consolidation.


  • Cyber Anything
  • Geospatial Anything
  • SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Oracle Java / J2EE
  • Linux, UNIX, Solaris
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL)
  • HTML 5
  • Apple iOS and Google’s Android
  • Mobile Apps
  • Hadoop
  • jQuery
  • Biometrics
  • Localization enablers / surveillance society
  • Microsoft Office: the whole thing! Not just Word and PowerPoint but Microsoft Excel & more.

Where The Jobs Are

Whereever these skills are needed. Everywhere.

Be able to create your own job. That’s the future.


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